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Do you want your puppy to grow into a happy and confident dog?

Start off on the right paw with our Puppy Package! 


Bonus: These are one-to-one sessions in your own home (or local area).

Some of the things we will cover:

  • How to be a good owner 

  • Basic health checks every owner should do 

  • Foods and items that can harm your dog and what

       to look out for

  • Establishing your boundaries

  • Basic commands

  • Walking on the lead

  • Recall training 

  • Toilet training 

  • Socialisation, Generalisation and Habituation 

  • Physical and mental stimulation 

  • Establishing what rewards are important to your dog 

  • Positive Reward Training

  • Prevention of unwanted behaviours

  • How to stop any unwanted behaviours early

       (e.g. jumping up, nipping, separation anxiety etc.) 

  • Q&A​​

(This may vary as I will tailor the training to your puppy depending on their age, where they are with training currently and how much you progress over the sessions.)


   *Price includes 5 x 1 hour sessions (one-to-one)

Extra Puppy Training Sessions:

If you complete your Puppy Training Package and feel like you would like to book in some extra training sessions to continue the good work, these will be charged at £25 per hour.


Create a happy, healthy, long-lasting bond 


Help you and your dog build confidence and learn why it is important 


Understand how to keep your dog healthy and how to perform a basic health check 


Your sessions will always be informal and friendly  

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