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Behaviour Consultation & TREATMENT SESSION 

Do you need help with your dog? 

I am a Qualified Canine Behaviourist and would love to help you. 

Does your dog have an unwanted behaviour that you are struggling to resolve? 

Would you like a helping hand?

Then good news, you have come to the right place!

The consultation and treatment sessions will happen in your own home so that I can see the unwanted behaviour in their normal environment.

During the consultation, I will gather any background information about you, your family and your dog. As much as this may seem irrelevant, this can still have an impact on your dog's behaviour and you will be a part of this as much as your dog will be! 

I will complete a number of assessments and diagnostics. Doing so, means I can make an informed decision and build the most suitable treatment plan for you and your dog.

After the Consultation Session, I will use my findings to determine a proposed treatment plan before seeing you again for your initial treatment session (included within this package), at a later date. 

Follow up Treatment Sessions are used to progress with the treatment plan discussed at the first session.

I am sure the one question you are wondering, is how much is this going to cost and how long is it going to take?...

Well, as we are talking about individual dogs, cases and treatment, there can be no guarantee for the number of sessions that you and your dog will require. This is due to a number of variables that can influence the success of the treatment. The subsequent treatments sessions (after the Consultation and initial treatment session) are 'pay as you go' and there is no commitment to rebook. However, consistent sessions and practise, during the session and in your own time, is the most affective way to help your dog succeed. 

I hope that you will begin to see improvements in your dog's behaviour over the course of the treatment sessions. Therefore at the end of each treatment session, I will give my recommendation as to whether I feel you and your dog would benefit from another session. I will never recommend sessions for my own financial gain. If you agree that you would like another session, this can be arranged on your request.

My aim is to make sure you and your best friend are left feeling happy - making you and your dog smile. 


*Price includes a Consultation Session (1 hour) and a follow up Treatment Session (1 hour).

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