I am Jennie Sutton, Canine Behaviourist Practitioner BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv, Professional Dog Walker and all-round dog lover. 


About me

I am an animal-lover, of dogs in particular, and have always been fascinated about the way dogs learn and communicate. I was determined to complete further research on training methods and canine behaviour, to understand exactly which behavioural modification methods are the most successful and why. With the main aim being to modify my own dog’s behaviour and ensure I am doing everything I can, to let him live his best life.  


When I started studying with BCCS to complete the PETbc Accredited Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma, I was amazed to see how little us as owners know about our dogs and their own needs, and how us as humans have a huge impact on their wellbeing and behaviour. 

I understand how important the special bond is between us and our furry children, for most owners their dogs play a huge part in their life. We have to remember the reasons why it is important for our dogs to behave well, wherever they may be. Behaviour has had a huge impact on us, them and others, mentally, physically and/or emotionally. 


We must not forget that we are, our dogs whole life.


My ambition through MerriDogs is to be able to share my knowledge, helping owners expand their knowledge of their four-legged friends, understand their behaviour and essential needs. I am a big advocate of positive and humane behaviour modification techniques as these result in a balanced, happy and healthy relationship, between us and our dogs. 

Our understanding of dogs over time has developed so much, however there are always new scientific discoveries that change our opinions on things. For this reason, along with personal interest, I regularly complete CPD via research, conferences and training events and keep my Dog First Aid qualification up-to-date. 

Shelters do an amazing job at helping dogs in need. However, the pandemic over the past year has caused a huge increase in the number of dogs entering shelters, through no fault of their own, and has caused some to reach their capacity. This crisis has made me even more determined to help owners identify, understand and combat problematic behaviour and show them that it is possible to rebuild a happy relationship. 

Have you considered surrendering or rehoming your dog due to behavioural issues?

This isn't the only option, help is just at the tip of a tail! 


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